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The Giants had 98 losses during the season and reached 100 on Friday. On a crushing day for a last-place team that’s trying to contend in 2018, the Giants lost out on Japanese megastar Shohei Ohtani and home run king Giancarlo Stanton, the two most decorated available players. Ohtani decided to play in Anaheim with the Angels,discount real Ugg Boots and Stanton made it clear to the Marlins he wouldn’t waive his no-trade clause to accept a trade to San Francisco. So the Giants must fall back on their other options to improve the outfield and add power to a lineup that hit the fewest home runs in the majors. They also need a third baseman and bullpen upgrade. “We went into it with our eyes open,” general manager Bobby Evans said in a phone interview of falling short on Ohtani and Stanton. “We knew both would be challenging additions. We continue with a lot of different scenarios. Those were obviously the two most publicized opportunities. We knew going in they were going to be very difficult.”